He does not know what to do, which _____ understandable because he has never done that before.

Please _____ quiet in the library.

How old will you _____ this year?

Joe had several ideas to improve my English, some of which _____ amazing.

I will _____ studying in my room.

If it _____ not for your help, they would be locked in that elevator.

I am happy with _____ single.

Do you know why Amanda is ______ nice to me today?

We _____ not American.

Jeremy is a truck driver who _____ injured in the accident.

Something ______ wrong with my computer.

Wasn't it my fault?
No, it _____ not.

Don't _____ afraid of making mistakes.

One of those students _____ from Japan.

She will _____ late for school today.

What _____ your instructor's name?

Are you a Japanese?
Yes, I _____.

We have known each other since we ____ children.

How long has it _______ since you got to know each other?

How long did it take for you to _____ a fluent English speaker?

What _____ you doing here?

Why _____ she absent yesterday?

Kotaro _____ good at speaking English.

There _____ three bottles of milk on the table when I came home.

There _____ not much information about that.


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